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Imagine being able to lift weights, bend forward, run and remain active without suffering from the pain and anxiety brought on by your low back...

We have helped hundreds of people who have failed prior treatments including 




Physical Therapy



Did you know...

Up to 90% of patients, and back specialists, still don't know what structure is causing your pain even with an MRI, CT scan or x-ray!

Up to 40% of low back patients don't respond to standard treatments and these poor outcomes have led to an increase in chronic pain, opioid use and disability!

You might be thinking.. "But how can someone like me (who has tried injections, surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, accupuncture, ibuprofen, hot/cold packs) become pain free?"

At Fuel Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, we find the root cause of your symptoms to create a treatment plan that is customized to YOUR needs! Your care should be specific to you and not a generalized, one size fits all approach. Your pain may be caused by..



Herniated/Bulging Disk

Degenerative Disk Disease

Spinal Stenosis


Muscle Spasms

And More

"I came to Eric with low back pain that I have had on and off for years. He gave me the tools to get over my acute injury and set me up to be stronger and more flexible. I have been able to utilize the knowledge he gave me to be back pain free for a few years now! Highly recommend Eric!"


Zach C.

"Dr. Eric was the 4th specialist I saw seeking help for a back injury. Everyone else had suggested pain meds and limiting my movement to ensure I didn’t worsen the injury over time. Meeting Eric was a breath of fresh air as he listened to my issues, and made a plan of action for me that aligned with my goals as an athlete. He met me at my gym, walked me through a variety of therapies and exercises, and I felt relief for the first time in months after our first session together. He worked diligently with my primary doc and insurance as well. His follow up and follow through made all the difference, as he helped me reach my weightlifting PR’s in less than a month of treatment with him. I won’t go to another physical therapist ever again!" 

Sarah K.

We are the #1 rated physical therapy clinic in Grand Rapids on Google with 100+ five star reviews!

At Fuel Physical Therapy & Sports Performance:

Every treatment session is customized to you through our one-on-one approach with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.. No technicians, aids, or assistants!

Our back pain experts deliver results with high success without injections, surgery, or medications

Will make sure that you receive an evaluation and treatment session within 24 hours of calling

Becoming pain free is EASY!

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Step 1: Call our back pain experts

Step 2: We will find and treat the root cause of your problems

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Step 3: Live the active lifestyle you desire!

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"I've had issues with my lower back for a few years now (due to an injury from lifting), and Eric was able to help me tremendously when the pain returned. I wasn't able to lift or run very well, and after seeing him I'm doing both again! I also visited him for some hip pain due to running and he helped me with some exercises to do before running. He is very knowledgeable about athletics, which was a must for me when seeking a physical therapist due to my activity level. the exercises he assigns are also very personalized, so I was challenged physically while improving my injuries." 

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Here Is Everything You Get With The Evaluation:

60 Minute Evaluation With A Board Certified Specialist ($300 Value)

This comprehensive evaluation will focus on identifying the root cause of your symptoms and make sure that you fully understand what is causing your low back pain and how to fix it.

Identifying And Assessing All Risk Factors Causing Your Back Pain (Included)

We will identify all risk factors and design a treatment plan for them so that way you can keep the pain away!

Get An Accurate Diagnosis, Prognosis, And Timeline For Results Without Unnecessary Imaging ($125 Value)

What type of low back pain do you have? When will you expect to start to get pain relief? How long with this take to treat? You will know all the answers to these questions and more.

Learn What Is The Best And Most Proven Treatment Method For Your Low Back Pain (Included)

We don't waste time with treatment methods that don't work. You will know what is the best treatment to fix your low back pain on day one!

Unlimited 24/7 Messaging Access To Your Doctor Of Physical Therapy (Included)

You shouldn't have to wait days to connect with your physical therapist. Take advantage of technology and text, email or call your physical therapist and get immediate feedback to your questions.

BONUS #1: Receive Treatment That Same Day To Reduce Pain! ($199 Value)

There's no point in knowing what's wrong if you can't do anything about it! Get treatment that same day to reduce your pain.

BONUS #2: Receive Customized Home Program ($199 Value)

We give you a home program that is customized to meet your specific needs with easy to follow images and videos so that way you get expedited results.

BONUS #3: Receive All Equipment Including Bands, Loops, and Mobility Tools ($45 Value)

Save the money and hassle of finding the equipment you need on your own. We will provide it for you!

BONUS #4: 100% Money Back Guarantee! 


No questions asked.  No one in health care offers this!  Not only do we guarantee your money back, but if you don’t like our treatment approach, or if you feel the treatment is not working, if you don’t like the results you are getting, we believe that you should not have to pay for treatment if it doesn’t work.  So we will give it all back to you.  No questions asked.  No hard feelings.

So You Have 3 Options...

Option 1: Keep Doing, What You Are Doing

But this will likely just get you the same results you already have. And you clearly are not satisfied with your pain or quality of life. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!

Option 2: Try Your Own Self Treatments On Your Own

You have likely already tried this as well. You have maybe searched some self remedies on the internet trying to find the right stretch or exercise, and you still aren't sure if you are doing it right. You are not sure of the ROOT cause of your problem and therefore don't know if the exercises are having the correct effect.

With this option you will likely still waste more time and energy, only to become more frustrated by your continued back pain.

Option 3: Call now and schedule your evaluation today!

This is the first step towards becoming pain free! Schedule an evaluation so that you can identify the ROOT cause of your pain, EXACTLY how to treat your pain, and when to expect to be pain free!

Becoming pain free is EASY!

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Step 1: Call our back pain experts

Step 2: We will find and treat the root cause of your problems

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Step 3: Live the active lifestyle you desire!

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