Solve the root cause of your HIP PAIN with the Fuel Physical Therapy Proven Process without:


Pain Medications


Does your hip hurt when you walk or transfer between positions? Does it keep you up at night?Our team specializes in finding the source of your hip pain so that we can address what is causing you pain and  allow you to meet your goals. We help people dealing with an acute injury along with those with chronic pain that may be looking into surgery or trying to avoid surgery such as a labral repair or total joint repacement.

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"Worked with Eric and it was great! He dry needled my hip after I was having some pain post-surgery and it felt great. Back to doing everything I want to do without much pain at all including, running a half marathon. 10 thumbs up for Eric." - Brent H.

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We are experts in the following hip conditions:


Total joint replacement


Labral tears/repairs

Piriformis Syndrome

Snapping Hip Syndrome

IT Band Syndrome

Muscle Spasms


And More


Becoming pain free is EASY!

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Step 1: Call our hip pain experts

Step 2: We will find and treat the root cause of your problems

Step 3: Live the active lifestyle you desire!


Normally Valued at $868, Now You Can Book Your Discovery Visit For Only $27!

Here Is Everything You Get With The Evaluation:

This comprehensive evaluation will focus on identifying the root cause of your symptoms, what causing your hip pain and how to fix it. We will design a treatment plan for you because we don't want to waste time with treatment methods that does not work and we will make sure all your questions will be answered and get the best treatment from our certified specialist.

30 Minute Evaluation With A Board Certified Specialist ($300 Value)

Get An Accurate Diagnosis, Prognosis, And Timeline For Results Without Unnecessary Imaging ($125 Value)

Unlimited 24/7 Messaging Access To Your Doctor Of Physical Therapy (Included)

! ! ! BONUSES ! ! ! 

There's no point in knowing what's wrong if you cant do anything about it. Get the treatment the same day! We also give customized and specific home program and provide you with the equipment you need. And if you don't like the approach and the results you're getting, we guarantee your money back! 

BONUS #1: Receive Treatment That Same Day To Reduce Pain! ($199 Value)

BONUS #2: Receive Customized Home Program ($199 Value)

BONUS #3: Receive All Equipment Including Bands, Loops, and Mobility Tools ($45 Value)


So You Have 3 Options...

Option 1: Keep Doing, What You Are Doing

You are getting the same result and clearly not satisfied. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this!

Option 2: Try Your Own Self Treatments On Your Own

You have maybe searched for some self remedies, the right stretch or exercises on the internet and not sure if you're doing it right and not getting the result you want, only to be frustrated by your continued hip pain. 

Option 3: Call now and schedule your evaluation today!

This is the first step towards becoming pain free! Schedule now so we can identify the root cause of your pain, how to treat it and when to expect to be pain free! 

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