Travel the world for cheap. And learn how to earn money doing it.

At 30 years old, I'm taking back control of my life. All from the convenience of my phone.

My name is Dr. Eric Broadworth. I'm a physical therapist who loves to travel and have caught the travel bug ever since I studied abroad in 2010 in Spain. The problem for me had always been how EXPENSIVE travel is. Tack on $200,000 in student loans and travel can seem nearly impossible. 

But then I found iBuumerang, a new tech company that launched August 31, 2019. With iBuumerang I have found travel so CHEAP that anyone can afford it. This includes all travel.

Want to live like a king and stay in a 5 star hotel for 3 star prices? iBuumerang and the iGo4Less platform has it. Or maybe you simply just want to save a little extra and go as cheap as possible? They can help you out there as well.


The best part is that you can make money doing it by helping others SAVE money. You only make money when people save. It takes capitalism and turns it upside down. All I have to do is show my friends and family the site and give them access through a code that is linked to my account. Then whenever they decide they want to travel, or even need to travel for a certain event such as a wedding, they can log into the site to book their travel and I get paid based on how much they save.

There's nothing to sell. No monthly fees. No gimmicks.

It's all about generosity and helping others. That's why I got into physical therapy and what's driven me towards working with iBuumerang.

Be sure to watch the video where you can learn more about iBuumerang and this opportunity. We are growing and I want to work with like minded people who share a passion for travel, helping others, and getting out of debt.

If you want to chat just text or call me at 810-347-5219. That's my personal cell that I'm offering to you. All in good will. Cheers and safe travels. - Dr. Eric Broadworth

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