Knee Pain
Are You Tired of Knee Pain That Won't Go Away?

Does your knee hurt when you squat? Are you able to run without knee pain?

Do you just want to get back to normal? What if you could do all of that pain free, and do it better than before your onset of pain? With our help, you can find your solution. 
Knee pain is a common injury that is often a result of overuse and may be due to impairments above or below the joint, such as the low back, hip, or ankle. When this occurs, the underlying problem needs to be addressed and treated in order to find the right solution to decrease pain. 

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"Eric took the time to understand exactly what I needed and made sure to provide the best treatment possible. It is comforting to know that he puts in the effort to stay up with the latest techniques and technology in his field." - Tim

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