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Solve the root cause of your SHOULDER PAIN with the Fuel Physical Therapy Proven Process without:



Pain Medication

"I injured my shoulder back in February and thought that it would just get better with time. I was still having pain months later with any overhead movements, so I decided I needed to get it looked at. It was important to me to find a physical therapist that was knowledgeable in sports and strength training and that is why I contacted Eric. I knew I made the right decision when he had me using a barbell on my THIRD session with him! He showed me how to change my technique so that I wasn't putting all the stress on my shoulders to prevent further injury. I did not have to go multiple times a week to see results. After only two visits, I noticed that I had no shoulder pain with overhead movements!"

Hailey P.

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The Fuel Physical Therapy Proven Process

There are 5 key steps to the Fuel Physical Therapy Proven Process that will get you back to reaching overhead and lifting pain free.

Step 1: Identify YOUR specific goals

Step 2: Identify the ROOT CAUSE of pain

Step 3: Create a plan of care that is specific to your goals AND the root cause of your pain

Step 4: Perform treatment targeting the root cause

Step 5: Return to sport/activity!


We are the #1 rated physical therapy clinic in Grand Rapids on Google with 100+ five star reviews!

At Fuel Physical Therapy & Sports Performance:

Every treatment session is customized to you through our one-on-one approach with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.. No technicians, aids, or assistants!

Will make sure that you receive an evaluation and treatment session within 24 hours of calling

Our shoulder pain experts deliver results with high success without injections, surgery, or medications

Becoming pain free is EASY!

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Step 1: Call our back pain experts

Step 2: We will find and treat the root cause of your problems

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Step 3: Live the active lifestyle you desire!

"I've been seeing Dr. Broadworth for dry needling on a bi-weekly basis for several months. As a competitive CrossFit athlete, my shoulders inevitably take on significant workloads due to the necessary training demands of the sport. Supplementing shoulder accessory work with sessions with Dr. Broadworth has allowed me to continue a full training program through a recent shoulder issue I've been dealing with. I leave each session with noticeable range of motion restored and significant pain reduction.

I also appreciate that Eric is an active participant at our gym. He is continually trying to grow his understanding of both functional and sport specific movement in an effort to improve his practice and better relate to his patients."

Michael P.


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Just $169 For Evaluation & Treatment For New Patients

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Here Is Everything You Get With The Evaluation:

60 Minute Evaluation With A Board Certified Specialist

This comprehensive evaluation will focus on identifying the root cause of your symptoms and make sure that you fully understand what is causing your shoulder pain and how to fix it.

Identifying And Assessing All Risk Factors Causing Your Shoulder Pain 

We will identify all risk factors and design a treatment plan for them so that way you can keep the pain away!

Get An Accurate Diagnosis, Prognosis, And Timeline For Results Without Unnecessary Imaging 

What type of shoulder pain do you have? When will you expect to start to get pain relief? How long with this take to treat? You will know all the answers to these questions and more.

Learn What Is The Best And Most Proven Treatment Method For Your Shoulder Pain 

We don't waste time with treatment methods that don't work. You will know what is the best treatment to fix your low back pain on day one!

Unlimited 24/7 Messaging Access To Your Doctor Of Physical Therapy 

You shouldn't have to wait days to connect with your physical therapist. Take advantage of technology and text, email or call your physical therapist and get immediate feedback to your questions.

Receive Treatment That Same Day To Reduce Pain! 

There's no point in knowing what's wrong if you can't do anything about it! Get treatment that same day to reduce your pain.

Receive Customized Home Program 

We give you a home program that is customized to meet your specific needs with easy to follow images and videos so that way you get expedited results.

Receive Equipment Including Bands, Loops, and Mobility Tools

Save the money and hassle of finding the equipment you need on your own. We will provide it for you!

100% Money Back Guarantee! 


No questions asked.  No one in health care offers this!  Not only do we guarantee your money back, but if you don’t like our treatment approach, or if you feel the treatment is not working, if you don’t like the results you are getting, we believe that you should not have to pay for treatment if it doesn’t work.  So we will give it all back to you.  No questions asked.  No hard feelings.

So You Have 3 Options...

Option 1: Keep Doing, What You Are Doing

But this will likely just get you the same results you already have. And you clearly are not satisfied with your pain or quality of life. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!

Option 2: Try Your Own Self Treatments On Your Own

You have likely already tried this as well. You have maybe searched some self remedies on the internet trying to find the right stretch or exercise, and you still aren't sure if you are doing it right. You are not sure of the ROOT cause of your problem and therefore don't know if the exercises are having the correct effect.

With this option you will likely still waste more time and energy, only to become more frustrated by your continued back pain.

Option 3: Call now and schedule your evaluation today!

This is the first step towards becoming pain free! Schedule an evaluation so that you can identify the ROOT cause of your pain, EXACTLY how to treat your pain, and when to expect to be pain free!

Becoming pain free is EASY!

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Step 1: Call our shoulder pain experts

Step 2: We will find and treat the root cause of your problems

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Step 3: Live the active lifestyle you desire!

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