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3 Myths No One Has Told You About Back Pain

Myth 1: Imaging such as an MRI, CT Scan or X-Ray is needed to diagnose what is causing back pain.

Fact: Imaging has not shown to have any correlation as to what is causing pain. Research has shown many people that have abnormal or degenerative changes on MRIs and X-Rays have no pain and this is not a reliable tool in diagnosing mechanical low back pain.

Myth 2: Pain equals tissue damage.

Fact: Pain is complex and can be caused by multiple factors including stress, emotion, past experiences and trauma and that pain is not always the result of damage to the body.

Myth 3: Surgery will fix your back pain.

Fact: Surgery has been shown to be no more beneficial than physical therapy when treating back pain. There is no guarantee that surgery will resolve back pain and in some cases it may cause worse pain.

Two books that I recommend to people that are suffering from chronic low back pain are Crooked: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to Recovery by Cathryn Jakobson Ramin and A Guide To Better Movement: The Science and Practice of Moving With More Skill and Less Pain by Todd Hargrove. These books are easy to read and do a great job of explaining what causes pain and how to regain control of your life by doing the things you love without suffering from pain.

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