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IT Band Pain

IT Band Pain Syndrome

What is it?

IT Band Pain Syndrome is a common knee injury caused by inflammation of the distal portion of the iliotibial band (ITB), which results in lateral knee pain. The exact etiology is unknown but it is believed to be due to overuse and is common in runners, cyclists and athletes.

How do you diagnose IT Band Pain Syndrome?

IT Band Pain Syndrome is often diagnosed by a physician or physical therapist based on the individual’s case history, presentation, and physical examination. In some cases an MRI may be used to rule out other serious pathology.

How do you treat IT Band Pain Syndrome?

IT Band Pain Syndrome is often treated conservatively with modalities and physical therapy. A combination of therapies works best for returning athletes to their prior level and reducing their symptoms including rest, pain management, stretching, strength training and running habits. Surgical intervention is rare and may be used, but should always be a last resort.

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