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Posterior Tibialis Tendinitis | Shin Pain | Shin Splints

Posterior tibialis tendinitis is a common overuse injury in runners, walkers, dancers, skaters, and people who stand frequently for work.

The main function of the posterior tibialis is to help stabilize the arch of the foot. Therefore, when this muscle is inflamed it is important to look at the footwear the person is wearing. Often they would benefit from shoes that are more supportive or from an over the counter orthotic.

A common symptom of posterior tibialis tendinitis is pain and difficulty with performing a single limb heel raise. People with this injury also has tenderness at the inside of the calf underneath the gastroc soleus complex where the posterior tibialis is located.

I recommend ice to help control inflammation and decrease pain in addition to foot and ankle strengthening exercises to treat the injury and treat the root cause of the problem.

Physical therapy can be used to help identify problem areas that may be contributing and to develop a plan of care to address these impairment areas.


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