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Now Offering Normatec Massage Recovery!

At Fuel Physical Therapy & Sports Performance we are now offering the Normatec Massage Recovery to ALL athletes, whether they are a current patient or not!

What is the Normatec?

The Normatec Recovery System, created by a physician bioengineer, improves recovery and performance by increasing circulation, speeding lactate clearance, relieving muscle soreness, and increasing mobility. The Normatec uses a patented pulsing compression technology. The pulsing uses dynamic compression to mobilize your body's fluids while a gradient hold prevents fluid backflow and a distal release allows normal circulation. They found that one 30 minute session use of the Normatec Recovery System is the equivalent of 12 hours of sleep for your muscles! I am offering a special pre-sale rate for the Normatec Recovery System that is only good until March 14, 2020! Normal Pricing: $1/minute $25 for 30 minutes $200 for ten 30 minute sessions $75 for unlimited monthly use Pre-Sale Rate: $60 for unlimited monthly use In addition, if you purchase the pre-sale rate I will grandfather this rate in for the first year! Schedule your first session for free to try out the Normatec Recovery System today! To schedule just call or text me at 616.965.1159.

Visit https://www.normatecrecovery.com/science for more info on how the Normatec works.


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