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Why you need to use turmeric supplementation for pain relief

Turmeric is a supplement that may be used for inflammation and supports joint health, boosts the immune system, and enhances memory and brain function.

Studies show that 1500 mg of turmeric extract per day for 28 days can improve joint function by promoting a healthy inflammation response.

I interviewed Dr. Marc Robinson, founder of Active Atoms, on my Health Hustling Podcast w/ Dr. Eric Broadworth. Active Atoms is a turmeric extract supplement that is 15x stronger than many other brands. Dr. Marc Robinson discusses how his career in physical therapy, and helping patients with chronic pain, has led him to founding Active Atoms to further improve people's lifestyle and decrease pain through appropriate turmeric supplementation as well as an active lifestyle.

Learn more about Active Atoms at www.activeatoms.com

Want to learn more about turmeric? Check out this list of 10 Health Benefits of Turmeric!



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