Garrett L.

Truly cares about my hockey career and has been very helpful with keeping me in the game. Highly recommended and will continue using Dr. Broadworth.

Chelsey V.

Dr. Eric truly cares about applying best practice to the care of his patients. He is a therapist driven by client centered care and his dedication to the field is evident. When I have personally been under the care of this clinician, I was provided a thorough understanding of where my pain was coming from, what the plan of care would be as well as how to implement a home program for lasting results. When one of my employees came to work in excruciating pain, I referred her to Eric without hesitation. He saw her on his lunch that very same day and she was able to experience relief from the intense pain she had faced earlier that day. He also referred her to a therapist closer to her home to assure carry over and followed up with her very shortly after. His attention to detail and genuine devotion to his patients is top notch.

Rebecca D.

Highly recommend Eric! My 15yo son had a freak accident and broke his tibia in May 2019. Spent 6 weeks in an immobilizing brace before he was referred to Physical Therapy. Eric worked with him one on one for six weeks, the goal getting him back onto the football field this Fall. Eric assessed him today and released him to play without limitations! His knowledge of the patient and their goals and obstacles is excellent. His communication is great and went the extra mile to reach out to trainers at my son's high school to keep them in the loop.I can't say enough good things about our experience with Fuel and Eric!

Maisie G.

Garrett L.

Truly cares about my hockey career and has been very helpful with keeping me in the game. Highly recommended and will continue using Dr. Broadworth.

Neal B.

It's 2018, and this Doc makes house visits and works with your schedule. Pretty unbelievable. I found immediate relief after beginning to adopt his training regimen. Highly Recommended.

Highly recommend!!! I was having shooting pains in my neck and couldn’t turn my head for a week. Dr. Broadworth did a few adjustments and it immediately reduced the pain. He gave me a few exercises to do at home and now pain free in just two days! Would recommend him to all my friends and family.


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