Just Because You're In Quarantine Doesn't Mean You Have To Be In Pain

Fuel Physical Therapy Virtual Workshop: Fix Your Low Back Pain

"I had suffered a lower back injury about 2 years ago and had on and off pain ever since and could never really seem to find some relief. Eric at Fuel Physical Therapy taught me some exercises that could help relieve my pain and it worked wonders. I have consistently been doing them every day and it just keeps getting better and better." - Kelly L.

What Will You Learn In the Workshop?

Causes of Low Back Pain

Learn the common causes of back pain and whether you REALLY need an MRI, CT scan, X-ray, injections, etc. Or can it be fixed without all that!

The top exercises to fix your low back pain and get you moving pain free again

Learn how to treat your back pain on your own with these simple and effective exercises!

How to prevent back pain from happening again

Learn what to do to keep active and prevent any debilitating back pain from coming back!

Live Q&A with Dr. Eric Broadworth to answer your specific questions!

Get your specific questions answered at this workshop without having to wait for an appointment

Dr. Eric Broadworth is the top rated physical therapist on Google in Grand Rapids with over 75 Five Star Reviews!
Low Back Pain Can Cost Individuals Over $2,000 In Treatment 
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